4 Healthy Lunch Box Recipes For School Kids

Not sure what to put in your child’s country box? Sandwiches are always an excellent option, but nobody wants to eat them every day. This is your chance to eat something more for your child. Make your lunch colorful with different flavors and textures and it doesn’t have to worry about eating you!

Try these 4 recipes for a healthy school lunch:

Bioregional cuisine in Bengal

Children love all kinds of foods that can be eaten with a stick (and better dip them in their favorite sauce): sausages, hot dogs, chicken sauces, meat dishes, and more. Prepare meat in medium areas and secure it with pieces of bamboo, especially for small children.

Pack this delicious meal at Benzel with a slice of rice, cucumber slices and mango cut to your child’s taste. Pretzels coated with yogurt are also a great addition!

Cheese quesadillas

Children love cheese, whether pizza, sandwiches or omelets! Instead of packing grilled cheese, take it up a bit and make a delicious cheese quesadilla. Use wheat tortillas as a healthy alternative. These quesadillas are not spicy to taste.

Wrap them in wheat tortilla chips, avocado slices, jicama jam and pineapple pieces!

Excited food

Think of the new spring rolls! You can use rice paper or lettuce leaf for these delicious scones, which is a lot of fun. You can ask your kids what they want in them: pork, shrimp, tofu and some chopped vegetables are good options.

Pack cheese, chopped peppers, fresh berries and a praline or two into this delicious cut!

Quinoa salad

Something new and new: all you have to do is add the cooked Konoa along with your child’s favorite cheese, meat and vegetables. You can spice it up with your favorite clothes or combine it with a classic vinaigrette. Prepare light meals that kids love.

Pack a few layers of pearls, tomato slices with mozzarella, popcorn and a quinoa salad with a little brown pumpkin.

When the lunch tastes delicious and delicious, the children are more happy about the lunch. Add more colors – the more colorful the better! Try these healthy school recipes!

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