Basics of Selling House Faster

Three main groups of sellers take measures to make selling their homes faster: those who use a public search engine, use a private search engine, or use a private real estate service. The first group of sellers uses a public search engine to find homes they are interested in buying. The second group uses a private search engine to find homes they are interested in selling, and the third group uses a private real estate service to find homes they are interested in buying. Get the marketing tips here

Which of these first two groups would you place yourself in? Do you generally use a public search engine to find homes, or do you prefer private search engines? I usually use public search engines. I have found that many homes for sale only appear on the public search engines. The problem with the public search engines is that they are overloaded with information, which means that some buyers find it difficult to determine which homes are the best choices for them. The public may not want to buy from certain sellers because some sellers list their homes for sale on popular websites and then do not follow up requests for information or prompt responses or do not engage in negotiations about price or terms of sale.

These buyers who were unable to get a positive response are likely to look around at alternative properties – maybe even several alternative properties- to find a home that meets all their needs. Without having an accurate understanding of what they can afford and are willing to pay, these buyers will buy from someone else who appears more knowledgeable about selling houses fast. The result is that the seller’s home may remain listed for a long time without the prospect of a sale.