Buy legal property and make your dream come true.

Proper documents are required before buying or selling a property. Ensure to read all the documents while buying a house. You can sell or buy your dream house from Today, in this article, we will look at the documents required while buy a home.

Documents required before buying a house:

  1. Flat purchase checklist: the checklist includes:
  • The Property title document
  • Nature of title
  • The development agreement with the power of attorney
  • All the title documents are duly stamped and registered at the office.
  • Khata in the seller’s name.
  • Information of litigation.
  • Availability of the original documents.
  1. Verify the seller’s identity: similar to verifying the title the buyer should verify the seller’s identity, and the specific conditions and ability of the seller. The following need to be noted while verifying:
  • Check the nationality of the seller and residence status.
  • Identification of all owners if the property is held jointly.
  • Note whether the seller is a trust, company, society, partnership, etc.
  • Orders from a competent court.

The documents to check before buying the flat will typically help you to identify the seller’s pan number, aadhar number, income tax returns, passport, salary certificate, etc.

  1. Land-use and conversion permissions: the conversion permission will allow you to get information on whether the property is agricultural land. Many states and countries have banned the selling of agricultural lands. The buyer should examine the zoning plan, whether commercial, residential, public/semi-public, industrial, open spaces, or parks. Remember to check all these things before buying a house.
  2. Construction approvals: do not buy a house that does not have construction approval. Also, do not buy the property if the construction approval is denied. Not having a plan will indicate the property is constructed illegally, which may include problems like the construction of agricultural land, etc.

Overall, an occupancy certificate, encumbrance, and access to the property are the other documents required before buying a home. Convert your dream of buying a house with In a lifetime, a dream coming true will once only. So make sure to proceed with the work of buying a home legally. You can gather more information from the website