Check out the best durian delivery services

Whether you like it or not, there is no other dish or fruit that offers a similar amount of happiness and creaminess when ingested. Whether you love eating durian, durian mochi, durian dried fruit, fresh durians, durian delivery service, or durian popcorn. As you may be familiar, fresh durian supply is restricted and only available as long as there is a supply. Since you can’t convey durians to public vehicles or hop onto a taxi to deliver them home. You have the option to pamper your cravings and have the fruit given straight to your doorstep. The people who want this fruit as their national fruit. The foul-smelling and stinky durian is popular as the king of fruits. The flavor of the fruit is because of its various benefits and great nutritious facts.

Check out the great benefits of durian: 

  • A great source to improve energy
  • Heart rate regulation
  • Aids lowering insomnia
  • Maintenance of cardiac and nervous health
  • Maintenance of blood pressure
  • Improve the principle of the digestive system

There are different resources and places from where the durian will be delivered. Below are some of the best durian delivery services you’ll enjoy in Singapore.

Discover the great durian delivery in Singapore

durian delivery service

  • Durian Delivery Singapore
  • The Durian delivery has massively enhanced its services over the years. It ensures the fastest delivery of delicious and creamy durian within sixty minutes. The services don’t need any lowest order and are the only facility in Singapore to provide reserves for bad durians.
  • Golden Moments
  • Golden Moments as the name implies, Golden Moments provides the ideal durian on the island. You’ll enjoy every bit of your moment as you relish the best from them. They ensure their delivery is quick and you’ll be able to discover sweet treats aside from durians such as whole cakes, mocha, and puffs. They assure delivery of your order within 90 minutes making them perfect for benefiting those cravings you want to experience.
  • Combat Durian
  • Durians may be sold out, yet customers who love durian can still avail of their freshest durians when their latest batch arrives daily at 5 pm. There are even tissues and mineral water offered by the stall owners in the seating area.
  • Jojo Durian
  • Another reliable and popular name for durian delivery is the widely known Jojo Durian. They provide great requests for durian sets with the having freshness. They also have timeslots weekly during timeslots for delivery purposes, thus it is great to check slots based on your convenience on their site before getting any.
  • Lele Durian Singapore
  • This grocery store is giving exceptional quality durians to their customers in Singapore for the previous decades. The quality and freshness of lele durian with on-time services are worth your money. They have various durians and frequently provide deals in the season.