From bad credit to deductibility of losses: when all is not lost

A bad debt is an amount owed, which most likely cannot be paid by the debtor. Specialized skills are needed in order not to make mistakes and to be able to act in the most advantageous way.

The right to collect a debt is an inalienable right of the creditor. However, there are situations in which the conditions are not met for the credit to be recovered. These are mostly linked in relation to the debtor’s economic and patrimonial situation bad credit loans guaranteed approval.

bad credit loans guaranteed approval


The conditions for which a credit is declared to all intents and purposes uncollectible are dictated by Law 134/2012 . An automatically uncollectible credit is contemplated if it has terminated 6 months at least and is as a simple amount. There is talk of various limit sums. The amounts are 2,500 euros for companies that invoice up to 150 million euros and 5,000 euros for those that invoice more.

Without prejudice to the category of credits just mentioned, considered to be of modest amount, all the other credits to be recovered follow the ordinary legislation both from a legal and fiscal point of view. In fact, there is talk of uncollectability of a value when the creditors can deliver documented evidence and with specific and detailed elements that flee no room for question. In this prosecution, we recite of:

– credit comeback actions that have had an unfavorable outcome;

– of credible default of the debtor;

– of unavailability of the same;

– insolvency proceedings like bankruptcy etc. in the hands of the debtor.