Get Rental Furniture For Any Event Accompanied By A Southern Warmth

As a full-service organizing and setup firm for weddings in Eastern North Carolina or even beyond, Brooks and Reid was founded by a husband and wife. They wanted to focus on flawlessly executed weddings with impeccable client service and southern charm with a contemporary twist. After years of organizing and arranging weddings, we have managed to expand their event rental division so that they can provide various services to prospective couples even when is not organizing the wedding.

Cocktail tables

They come in high-quality wooden or plastic material with 30″ in measurement, ideal for 132″ table cloth. These tables could be placed in front of their sofa and accommodate several beverages and ashtrays. Cocktail tables are frequently portrayed as being more lavish, perfect for casual drinks. These tables are suitable for decorations and unity ceremonies. They might start by purchasing a sash in the colors of the event.

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Round tables

Round tables work well for sweetheart tables, guest tables, dessert tables, and birthday presents tables. These tables come in different sizes, accommodating varying numbers of seats. They can be of a wooden or plastic quality where 48″ and 60″ can offer four seats with 108″ tablecloth and eight with 120″ tablecloth, respectively. Whereas the 72″ round table only comes in wooden material, having ten seats comfortably, and is ideal for a 132″ tablecloth.

Rectangular tables

Rectangular tables are ideal for head, meal, and beverage tables. Similarly, rectangular tables come in either wood or plastic in two sizes. 6′ and 8′ tables are comfortably suitable for eight seats with 92″ width and 132″ length tablecloth and ten seats with 90″ width and 156″ length tablecloth, respectively. They appear stylish and enhance the elegance of all their events images, making it more convenient to sit during the lengthy celebration.

No matter what kind of event they’re planning—a wedding, a birthday party, a graduation, a retirement— have everything they’ll need. They offer tents, tables, seating, and a lot more. They aim to ensure that their ideal event has everything required to make it an absolute dream come true.