Selling Your House to a Property Management Company

A property management company can be an option for homeowners who want a quick and effortless sale. Although this process isn’t suitable for everyone, if you require cash quickly then this might be something worth considering. This process, also referred to as the property management sale, works well if you are unable to market and maintain your home over several months; instead, the management company handles all details related to selling your home, leaving you free to focus on other pressing matters. Explore our client engagement strategies by clicking here:

When to Sell to a Property Management Company

Selling your house through a property management company has the greatest advantage: speedy turnaround. They handle all repairs and maintenance for you, plus most contracts include extras like staging the home and advertising costs. Plus, with all their expertise at their disposal, it could be sold quickly even if there’s an unexpected crisis like being unemployed or having financial difficulty; selling through a company may provide the answer in such cases. If you don’t have enough money to sell directly on the market yourself, selling through a company is the way forward.

Selling Your House During a Downsize

The Selling Process

After signing the contract with a property management company, they will take over your real estate assets. They’ll arrange staging of the property, cleaning, and any necessary cosmetic repairs; additionally, they handle all advertising and marketing for you. Generally, you’ll receive either an empty-nester or discounted home from them; however, remember that you must continue living in this home until it sells and then move into another one after closing.

The selling process is usually straightforward for property management companies since they typically use advertising that gains momentum once underway. Where the company does not use marketing, you will be required to place your own ads and arrange showings yourself. Once a house sells, title transfers and you are free to move in! It’s essential to note that the company does not participate in negotiations or closing of the deal – that responsibility lies solely with you.

What a Property Management Company Will Consult You On

Property management companies usually assist clients by making recommendations, which can be done over the phone. They may also suggest which paint color and carpeting to choose. If you do not agree with their suggestions, then you have the freedom to reject them; however, keep in mind that they usually charge for their work.

What You Get Out of a Property Management Sale

Your primary motivation for selling to a property management company may be quick money. You have wasted both time and resources trying to market and maintain your home while it is on the market, plus you will receive a reduced price on the house which helps cover some expenses.